About The Film

Ellen and Thomas own a small production company ‘A Mad Production’ in Ghent, Belgium. Apart from their independent work they create diverse media products for organizations like Unicef, The USC Shoah Foundation and the international Red Cross.
When Ellen was diagnosed with endometriosis, they could think of nothing better than to film their own endo journey. Not just for themselves, but for the 200 million women (and their partners) who share the same struggles and for those who don’t even know the reason for their pain yet. As a first step, they want to create global awareness and allow women to speak openly about this chronic illness.

Making the film

At the heart of ‘MyEndo’ lies a search for answers and a love story challenged by struggles that many with chronic illnesses experience. To capture their most intimate and vulnerable moments, Ellen and Thomas used mostly small cameras to allow the viewer unprecedented access into their personal battle with Endometriosis
A schooled graphic designer, Ellen used animation to visualise her Endo monster while Thomas edited the film, relying on the help of various medical experts to keep an objective take on the story. 
The original music score was crafted by Ruben DeGheselle to complete the emotional experience of the film.

Who we are

Ellen Andries

Ellen is the CEO and Motion Designer/Animator of ‘A Mad Production’. Besides directing this film, she is also the illustrator and animator.

Thomas Maddens

Thomas often travels the world to tell visual stories. Besides filming, he is responsible for all the D.O.P. and editing work at ‘A Mad Production’.

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