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We want to hear your Endo stories. Please share your story in a creative way and help us build this community.

We’re open to any format: write a poem, take photos, create some artwork or share a video, gifs or even audiostory!

Send your story to [email protected] or use the hashtag #MyEndo on social media.


Since my first day of menstruation I struggled with great pain and it never ever left or got better. My mom was at her wits end what to do with me and our fabulous GP did all he could do for me. I was born in Texas, have German parents and moved around a lot during my...


After years and years of struggling I finally got the answer: ENDOMETRIOSIS. Like many of us, I started my period at a very young age and experienced since my 16th-17th extreme pains just before and during my periods. Days I had to lay in bed, just like recovering...



After 10 years of struggle with menstruation pain, uncontrollable bleeding, abdominal pain, lower back pain on the left side of my body, chronic fatigue, migraines and mood swings they finally diagnosed me with endo five weeks ago. Today 15/7 I had my laparoscopy and...

Tell us your story.

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